How to Spot a Good Baguette

As the French baguette enters the race to be given Unesco World Heritage status, American historian and French bread expert Steven Kaplan teaches us how to recognize and enjoy a good baguette de tradition. Six criteria matter: appearance, crust, crumb, mouth-feel, aroma, and taste. Viewed as a "fancy" food reserved for the bourgeoisie in the early 20th century, the baguette grew in popularity before...[Subscriber]

French Election: Where Can You Vote in the United States?

For the upcoming French presidential elections, which will take place on Saturday, April 22 and May 6, forty-four polling stations will be open in the United States. Each person’s polling station depends on their place of residence recorded when they registered at their consulate. The exact polling station was sent to each voter via an email from the French Ministry of...

Who Are the Honorary Consuls of France in the United States?

Whether realtors, bankers, French teachers, interior designers, bakers, bloggers or milliners, there are 56 honorary consuls of France in the United States. These men and women act as intermediaries between the French embassy in Washington D.C., the nine consulate generals and the French citizens living in the American states and territories. They are made up of both French and American...