A Fantastic Short Film, Shot Between Paris and New York

Nicola Rose, une jeune marionnettiste américaine installée à Manhattan, tourne son premier court métrage entre New York et Paris. Pour écrire le scénario de son premier court métrage, Bloc et Blocage (Creative Block), Nicola Rose s’est (librement) inspirée de sa propre expérience. Une jeune marionnettiste new-yorkaise en panne d’inspiration, Claire s’éprend de Thibaut, un patineur français qu’elle a aperçu à la télévision,...

French Art Professionals United in the States

Founded by two French expats in Miami, the association French Arts Associates brings together French art professionals based in the United States. French Arts Associates was launched on November 18, 2016, with an inaugural event in the gallery owned by Parisian-born Lélia Mordoch in Wynwood — the Miami neighborhood hosting the Art Basel fair every year. The association founded by Sophie Blachet...

Sempé, the Last Cover

Jean-Jacques Sempé is retiring. The Paris-based French cartoonist, 84, announced he would no longer grace the New Yorker's covers with his spirited drawings, ending a 38-year-long collaboration with the American weekly magazine.

“The Temple”, the Spiritual Heart of the Burning Man Festival

Laurent Le Gall, the French director of the series L'Amérique dans tous ses états broadcast on TV5 Monde, has returned to his favorite subject, the American festival Burning Man. The director has already made a number of films about this annual gathering, including Sensation: A Trip to Burning Man (2002), Voyage in Utopia (2007), From Sin City to Black Rock (2011),...

The Final Word: Confetti

A linguist, lexicologist and creator of the Petit Robert dictionaries, the eminent specialist of the French language, Alain Rey, dissects a word that rhymes with end-of-the-year party: confetti. The enormous number of Italian words adopted by the French language includes the fields of art, music and pasta, but also the joy of the carnival — also an Italian word — with...

Aspen and Megève, a Jet Set Playground

The resorts of Aspen and Megève are winter holiday hotspots for international jetsetters, and owe their reputation to the boom in the skiing industry. We took a look at these two traditional mountain villages, respectively in Colorado and Haute-Savoie. Aspen: Snow-capped silver mines Aspen was not always an alpine village home to the upper echelons of Hollywood. The land originally...[Subscriber]

Virtual Reality: the New Age of Images

Living through an attack on a market in Aleppo, doing time in solitary confinement in prison, and witnessing the melting of the ice caps in Greenland are just a few of the rather unsettling experiences made possible today by virtual reality. Originally from the French city of Angers, Cédric Gamelin produces films by Nonny de la Peña, a pioneer of...

The invention of Santa Claus: From Thomas Nast to Coca-Cola

Père Janvier, Father Christmas, Christkindl, Santa Claus…Whatever name you happen to give him, Father Christmas and his origins still spur controversy. Coca-Cola may have claimed ownership of the symbol and widely circulated the image of a bearded and smiling Father Christmas, yet the brand didn’t actually invent anything. Much earlier, the American cartoonist Thomas Nast (1840-1902) fashioned Father Christmas’s image...[Subscriber]

Iconic: The Jacquard Sweater

Retro style, chunky knitwear and colorful, geometric patterns; for Generation Y (or millennials, as people born between 1980 and 1995 are known), the jacquard weave evokes more grandma’s knitting than haute couture. But now the 1980s are in fashion once again, this “made in France” motif is back in the spotlight, and used to create skirts, dresses, ponchos and cardigans....[Subscriber]

Made in France, the “Cursed Film” is Released in the United States

The release of Nicolas Boukhrief’s film was pushed back twice. First in January 2015, following the attacks against French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, then a second time the same year after the shootings and hostage taking of November 13. This thriller examines the birth of an Islamist cell in the Paris suburbs, and the “fiction” was deemed too close to reality....

Iconic: Repetto Ballet Pumps, From the Opera to the Sidewalk

Designed in 1947, immortalized by Brigitte Bardot in the cinema, Repetto ballet pumps have escaped from the Opera House to become a fashion accessory. Lusted after by city-dwellers, 500 000 pairs a year are sold at an average price of 150 euros. The French brand opened its first shop in the United States last winter. In 1947, the mother of principal dancer...[Subscriber]

Piaf! The Show, a Tour in Homage to Edith Piaf Stops by Carnegie Hall

Every evening at 8pm, Anne Carrere brings Edith Piaf back to life. Since January 2015, the French singer has played the leading role in Piaf! The Show, which looks back over the life of the “Little Sparrow” through her songs, already attracting nearly 500,000 people across 30 countries. The culminating point of this 400-date tour will be a live show...

American Friends of French Culture

What do Versailles, the National Library of France in Paris and the Reims Cathedral have in common? All three owe their revival to American patrons. The passion of these philanthropists is vital to safeguarding France’s heritage and its soft-power influence in America. From Rockefeller to McDonald’s, we look back on a century of American patronage. “France has it all, except...[Subscriber]

A Residency Program for French Artists in the US

Avis aux artistes français ! Les candidatures sont ouvertes jusqu’au 27 janvier 2017 pour participer à "Résidences Etant donnés", un programme de résidences artistiques aux Etats-Unis. Une initiative de l’Institut français, des Services culturels de l’ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis et de la French American Cultural Exchange Foundation (FACE), le programme a pour objectif de favoriser l’insertion aux Etats-Unis d’artistes contemporains...

A Celebration of the African Diaspora and its Cinematic Heritage in New York

The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) is back in New York for its 24th year. Some 66 films, including 10 shown in French, are set to celebrate the African community’s diversity across the world from November 25 until December 11, 2016. Since 1993, the festival’s objective has been to reinforce the visibility of African directors on today’s cinema scene....

Jeff Koons Offers a Sculpture to the City of Paris

En hommage aux victimes des attentats de 2015, le sculpteur américain Jeff Koons a offert une de ses sculptures à la ville de Paris. Baptisée Bouquet of Tulips, la structure de bronze de douze mètres de haut représente une main tendue vers le ciel, inspirée de celle de la Statue de la Liberté, brandissant un bouquet de tulipes multicolores. Bleues, rouges,...

A Concert in Atlanta to Commemorate the Paris Attacks

Pour marquer le premier anniversaire des attentats du 13 novembre 2015, une lycéenne francophile et l’association qu’elle a créée organisent ce dimanche un concert de charité à l’Alliance Française d’Atlanta. Ellie Coe, 16 ans, fait partie de cette génération née dans l’ombre des attentats du 11 septembre, cette génération pour laquelle le terrorisme ne représente pas une nouveauté, mais une...

“Pablo”, A Lively Portrait of Picasso

Pablo is a four-tome biography started in 2012, retracing the artist’s footsteps from his first difficult experiences in Paris to his success as the cubist “Picasso”. The full graphic novel has been translated into English by SelfMadeHero, and is now available in the United States as a single volume, and more recently as a digital version. Pablo opens with the...[Subscriber]

Georges Bigot Stages “Macbeth” in Chicago

French actor and stage director Georges Bigot is presenting a modern adaptation of Macbeth in Chicago until December 4, 2016. Renowned for his role at the Théâtre du Soleil in Paris in the 1980s, Bigot has been working on this Shakespearian project for the last year with a local company called Theatre Y. France-Amérique: How did you begin working with...

Couture Confessions: A Conversation with YSL

Yves Saint Laurent is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum through January 8, 2017. In her book Couture Confessions, published by Rizzoli in France this summer and now available in the United States, Pamela Golbin imagines a conversation with the legendary fashion designer. Pamela Golbin is Chief Curator of Twentieth-Century Fashion and Textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in...[Subscriber]