Acrobats from Compagnie XY on Tour in the United States

Compagnie XY is taking off for the United States. The Lille-based collective will be in Houston (Texas), Charleston (South Carolina) and New York from June 2 to July 22 performing “It’s Not Yet Midnight,” an acrobatic show where everything happens… in the air.

The show It’s Not Yet Midnight won the hearts of French audiences at its premiere performance at the 2014 Lyon Dance Biennale. “These brilliant acrobats have countless tricks up their sleeves […]; we couldn’t take our eyes off them,” wrote the magazine Télérama. Newspaper Le Figaro echoed the positive review: “A show defined by risk-taking, generosity and solidarity.”

The aerial artistry was choreographed by the 22 members of Compagnie XY, and is inspired by a dance created in Harlem in the late 1920s, the Lindy Hop, a fusion of jazz, tap and Charleston. The show does not tell a specific story per se, but production director Antoine Billaud describes it as a succession of different tableaux held together by an “acrobatic language.”

The collective uses their aerial ballet to promote a much-forgotten art now generally associated with the circus. With portés, take-offs and dangerous jumps several meters off the ground, the 22 “stunt artists” intertwine and throw themselves into a risky performance while never losing control. “Before midnight [in reference to the title] is that moment when you still have time to celebrate, enjoy yourself and dance,” says Antoine Billaud. “This show fights back against the prevailing gloominess felt recently in Europe and especially in France.”

June 2-3: Avenida Plaza, Houston, Texas
June 6-11: Memminger Auditorium, Charleston, South Carolina
July 19-22: Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater, New York, New York