• Esther-Duflo-nobel-prix-prize
    Franco-American Esther Duflo Wins the Nobel Prize in Economics

    French-born American citizen and MIT professor Esther Duflo is one of three economists awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics for her research into the fight against poverty. Finding local solutions to the global problem of poverty is the calling of Esther Duflo, one of the most prominent economists of her generations. While studying at the Ecole Normale Supérieure during...

  • france-amerique-olivier-tallec-illustration-video
    Our Cover Illustrations Come to Life!

    This is the story of a waiter, an orchestra conductor, a businessman, and a French woman wearing a superhero cape. Olivier Tallec's iconic characters have been gracing the covers of France-Amérique since 2015 and they are now jumping out of the pages! Discover the latest animation by France-Amérique:   => Subscribe now and discover the best of French culture!

  • bastille-day-60th-street-manhattan-nyc-fiaf
    Map: Where to Celebrate Bastille Day in the United States?

    On July 14, the French commemorate the storming of the Bastille of 1789 and the Fête de la Fédération of 1790. In the U.S., the event is know as Bastille Day, a celebration of France through wine, accordion, and pétanque! Over 200 Bastille Day events will take place in the United States this year. In New York, the French Institute...

  • Edgar-Degas-House-new-orleans-nouvelle-orleans-lousiane-louisiana
    Degas House in New Orleans Enshrined by French Culture Minister

    The house at 2306 Esplanade Avenue where Edgar Degas lived and painted from 1872 to 1873 has received the Maison des Illustres label from the French minister of culture. This is the second site in the United States to be recognized in this way, along with Marguerite Yourcenar’s house in Maine. The label was created in 2011 to showcase “residences that...


  • US-Army-soldiers-Kandahar-afghanistan
    Farewell to the World Police

    America has clearly reverted to its original isolationist doctrine. NATO has fallen; Europe must now learn to fend for itself. The United States is no longer the protector of the world order, and this global retreat is not just down to Donald Trump. He certainly accelerated the phenomenon by allowing Russia and Syria to annex neighboring territories, by withdrawing from...

  • olivier-tallec-cannabis-marijuana-joint-hasch
    This Joint Between Us

    Many U.S. states have legalized marijuana, while France is timidly preparing to authorize its medicinal use. But is this cautiousness justified? Marijuana is a perfect illustration of the radical difference and rivalry between French and American societies. It should be noted that the very idea of prohibition comes to us from the United States, beginning with the prohibition of alcohol,...

  • bastille-day-60th-street-manhattan-nyc-fiaf
    Bastille Day, or French Every Day

    Two days before Bastille Day, the French national day, I was prompted to do a Google search for “bastille day celebrations usa,” which returned over 248,000 results. A 2018 map revealed some 200 celebrations taking place from California to Maine and Florida, and at many points in between. As an educator with a lifelong affection for French language and culture,...

  • bastille-day-60th-street-manhattan-nyc-fiaf
    What Do We Celebrate on Bastille Day?

    The French do not celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day; they may not even know what it means. Americans, on the other hand, are familiar with what they call Bastille Day, an expression that, strangely, does not exist in French. This enthusiasm for the Storming of the Bastille is not shared by all French people — the Revolution,...


  • louis-xiv-roi-king-france
    Louboutin: From Versailles to the White House

    Americans have nicknamed him the “god of shoes,” although he prefers the term “footwear.” Over the last 30 years, Christian Louboutin has made red soles one of the icons of authentic French chic. Born into the modest of milieus in Paris during the 1960s, Christian Louboutin is a self-taught designer with a keen artistic streak. This footwear enthusiast created his...

  • marche-de-noel-christmas-market-strasbourg-alsace
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Market!

    The wooden chalets sprouting up from Strasbourg to New York on the first days of December herald the return of an old Alsatian tradition that has become a world-wide phenomenon: the Christmas market! In his trademark tongue-in-cheek style, our columnist dissects this custom. Christmas may come but once a year, but nowadays it seems to last forever. In the U.S....

  • jean-pierre-laffont-Brigitte-Bardot-Louis-Malle-New-York-1970
    Jean-Pierre Laffont: Shooting Stars in America

    New York-based French photographer Jean-Pierre Laffont took pictures of the biggest stars between the 1960s and the 1980s, including Charles Aznavour, Françoise Hardy, Yves Montand, Line Renaud, Alain Delon, Charlie Chaplin, and Alfred Hitchcock. He was given carte blanche for these images, which are now compiled in a coffee-table book published in France by Les Editions de la Martinière. "Let...

  • Amedee-Paris-Nicolas-Ouchenir-scarf-bandana-foulard
    Amédée Scarves Rewritten by Nicolas Ouchenir

    As part of the holiday celebrations, the wool accessories brand Amédée Paris has collaborated with star calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir to design a collection of scarves blending ink drawings and travel-inspired lettering. Nicolas Ouchenir loves fine paper and beautiful pen strokes. In our Twitter-dominated era, the young Parisian has carved out a niche as the go-to calligrapher for leading luxury brands....


  • distillerie-distillery-armorik-whiskey-whisky
    French Whiskey Barrels Onto the World Stage

    Kentucky and Scotland may be whiskey countries, but the French also produce premium blended whiskeys and single malts. And output is increasing every year. Here’s one for you: Which country consumes the most whiskey? The answer may surprise you. While many might think the British hold the top spot, the French are actually the winners. At 2.15 liters per inhabitant, they...

  • etats-unis-usa-amerique
    A French Company in Every U.S. State

    There is not a single American state without a French business within its borders. From New York to Alaska, companies such as Airbus, Michelin, Bel, Louis Vuitton, Safran, Saint-Gobain, and Sodexo are creating jobs and contributing to the U.S. economy. In its most recent annual report, the department of economic affairs at the embassy of France in Washington offers a...

  • cidre-cider-apple-pomme-fall-automne-autumn
    Cider, Conquering American Tables

    When it’s time for the apéritif, a new drink is gaining recognition in the United States: cider. Popular during the time of the pilgrims, then falling into oblivion, this sparkling drink derived from apples has made a big comeback in the United States, where its consumption has exploded, partly thanks to the gluten-free and locavore movements. But unlike the Bretons...

  • qwant-search-engine-moteur-recherche
    Qwant, France’s Answer to Google

    Supported by banks and venture capital, the underdog French search engine dreams of upsetting the Google status quo. Could David one day fire a shot at Goliath, or even get his attention? French search engine Qwant, designed in 2013 to respect the privacy of internet users, has just launched Qwant Maps, an application similar to Google Maps. The company’s founder...


  • bilingue-ecole-classe-new-york-nyc
    The Success of French Dual-Language Programs in the U.S.

    Dual-language classes are flourishing in the United States. With more than 160 bilingual programs across 34 states, French is now America’s second most popular foreign language. In New York, one in ten public schools offers a bilingual education. In Utah, one in five schools is bilingual. And in August, Alaska inaugurated its first two dual-language French-English classes. These bilingual programs...

  • anchorage-alaska-bootlegger-cove
    French Immersion Classes Arrive in Alaska!

    The first two dual-language French-English classes in Alaska will be launched next August at O’Malley Elementary School, a public school in Anchorage. Despite being isolated, this American state is attracting an increasingly large international population. Alaska is no stranger to bilingualism. After all, the state’s first dual-language program is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! Japan was one of Alaska’s...

  • harvard-university-boston-cambdridge-mass
    Are French Classes Under Threat at American Universities?

    According to the latest report from the Modern Language Association, which conducts an annual survey on the status of language learning in higher education in America, 129 French programs were discontinued between 2013 and 2016. Karl Cogard, education attaché at the embassy of France in Washington D.C., offers his take on this worrying situation. France-Amérique: The Modern Language Association’s report...

  • the-ecole-new-york-nyc
    The École, a Bilingual School in New York, is Growing!

    [Partner Article] Located in the heart of Manhattan, The École, which has recently expanded the size of its campus, is getting ready to admit new students to its bilingual program and reaffirm its original educational project.  "Agile Minds, Open Hearts, Bright Futures." This is the motto of The École. Formerly known as the École Internationale de New York (EINY), it...


  • duck-canard-foie-gras
    Foie Gras and Its Foes

    In France, foie gras is the star turn of the festive dinner table, but in California it has been banned since January and it will be banned in New York City in 2020. Influential restaurant owners, supermarket chains, movie stars, animal protection organizations — and even a pope — have blacklisted the delicacy. But French producers won’t give up. A wave...

  • robert-parker-the-wine-advocate
    Robert Parker: The Godfather of Modern Wine

    With prolific writing and the creation of his 100-point scale, world-famous wine critic Robert Parker, who announced his retirement last May, is behind the public’s newfound wine fascination. As a wine retailer in New York City, I found myself swept up in “Parkermania” in the 1980s. Robert Parker and his newsletter, The Wine Advocate, were the talk of the wine world....

  • Roquefort-cheese-fromage-Marie-Pierre-Morel-rizzoli
    A Tour of France in 45 Cheeses

    From Abondance in Haute-Savoie and Valençay in Berry to Corsican Brocciu and Munster from the Vosges, artisan cheesemaker Dominique Bouchait presents 45 iconic French cheeses in a coffee-table book published by Rizzoli. A mouth-watering work filled with anecdotes and practical advice. “How could you possibly govern a country in which there are 246 varieties of cheese?” exclaimed Charles de Gaulle....

  • 3-pigs-pate-trois-petits-cochons-egg-bites-bouchees-oeufs-sous-vide
    Les Trois Petits Cochons: Charcuterie Leader Branches Out Into Healthy Snacks

    [Partner article] Since its opening as a small charcuterie shop selling pâtés and quiches in New York in 1975, Les Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs) has taken pride in combining elevated with accessible, maintaining the company’s premium sourcing, production, and quality standards that make for great French food products. This longtime specialty leader has gone back their roots,...