An Activist Film Festival in New York

The Socially Relevant Film Festival will be taking place in New York from March 13 to 19, 2017. Some 46 films will be screened over the event, including six French productions.

In memory of her uncle and her cousin, both murdered by a Muslim fundamentalist, Egyptian actor and director Nora Armani created a film festival that isn’t afraid to open its mouth. The Socially Relevant Film Festival shines a spotlight on current issues, including violence against women, education, immigration and the prison system. “Our objective is to educate the public and raise awareness,” says the founder. “A film that teaches its viewers nothing is a waste.”

Now in its fourth year, the festival will be screening six French films in 2017. Julie Gourdain’s Veil of Silence tells the story of a young girl from a good family in France during the 1960s, who is forced to live in a convent to hide her pregnancy. In 600 Euros, director Adnane Tragha portrays a musician disappointed with French society during the 2012 presidential elections. And Valérie Leroy offers a “funny comedy” entitled Le Grand Bain, in which a former professional swimmer uses an empty pool to give swimming lessons to the people in her apartment building.

Socially Relevant Film Festival
From March 13 to 19, 2017

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