Author: Anthony Bulger

From the Newsdesk
Emmanuel Macron’s decision to withdraw French troops from the Sahel region has been compared to Joe Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan. […]
The Observer
Do you know your Capetian from your Merovingian? Or your légitimiste from your orléaniste? Welcome to the marvelously murky world of French monarchism. That’s […]
The Observer
France announced in early August the introduction of a special procedure whereby partners separated by Covid-19 and travel restrictions could apply for a family […]
The Observer
The wooden chalets sprouting up from Strasbourg to New York on the first days of December herald the return of an old Alsatian tradition […]
The Observer
In 1952, a young American journalist set out to enlighten the French about the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday. He did so with a […]

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