Author: Clément Thiery

The smiley was born in the United States, but a business-savvy Frenchman claimed the rights to it 50 years ago. Franklin Loufrani and his […]
She can wear vintage floral-print dresses like no one else, and never leaves the house without a touch of lipstick, which she applies with […]
Photographer Benjamin Thouard has made a home on the French island of Tahiti, a “surfers’ rock” halfway between California and New Zealand. Every day, […]
In his restaurant in New Orleans, chef Isaac Toups proudly upholds his family’s culinary heritage with its French, Acadian, Caribbean, and Native American flavors. […]
Twelve million Americans speak French. But who are they? And what is their experience? These are the questions asked by Kathleen Stein-Smith and Fabrice […]
Whenever he isn’t busy editing images from a photoshoot for Dior or Givenchy, Sébastien de Oliveira travels back through time. This seasoned colorist breathes […]
Hidden Figure
He called her his “little black sun.” Born in Guadeloupe, Adrienne Fidelin was the American artist’s partner in Paris before World War II tore […]
Fizzy Ceiling
Many of us forget that the biggest Champagne houses are the result of the work and vision of women who took over the family […]

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