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The Cajun chef agreed to share with France-Amérique his recipe for drunken shrimp, a spicy dish deglazed with white wine that embodies his motto: […]
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In Dijon, the Briottets are considered blackcurrant royalty. They have been transforming the small, glossy, black berries into top-shelf liqueur since 1836. We recently […]
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The Strasbourg-based river cruise line has been in operation since 1976 and offers small-ship cruises across the globe. In France, CroisiEurope offers some of […]
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After perusing reams of fashion, interior design, art, and gastronomy all beautifully splashed across glossy paper, France-Amérique has selected ten coffee-table books about France […]
It is hard to think of a more American tradition than Thanksgiving! Yet it is quite easy to add a little French flavor to […]
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Located near the United Nations Headquarters, Lyceum Kennedy French American School provides a fully bilingual education to students from nursery to 12th grade, in […]

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