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The first book fair organized by Made in France will be exclusively focused on Francophone children’s literature. Supported by a panel of partners including […]
France-Amérique has teamed up with the podcast produced by the French embassy in Washington D.C., whose second season will be launched on January 12. […]
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With warm, elegant, retro clothing designed for both flying down the slopes and going to the office, the French winter sports brand Rossignol is […]
It is hard to think of a more American tradition than Thanksgiving! Yet it is quite easy to add a little French flavor to […]
This is your new reality: You are confined at home for the foreseeable future. Take advantage of this time to read. France-Amérique has compiled […]
The Republican governor of Kentucky, Matthew Bevin, reaffirmed his distaste for the humanities, aiming his criticism at the instruction of French literature and language, […]

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