Babybel and GoGo squeeZ Inseparable as French Groups Bel and MOM Merge

The French cheese group Bel — whose products include Babybel and The Laughing Cow — has acquired the MOM group (Materne Mont Blanc) for 850 million euros.

Established in the United States since April 2008 via its line of GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouches, the MOM group is now the leader in the U.S. healthy snack market. Every year in the United States, the company sells some 444 million pouches, which are produced in a French factory in the Ain département and two American factories in Michigan and Idaho. The applesauce is then distributed to 85% of small, medium and large stores across the United States, as well as to fast food chains, cafeterias, corporate canteens and theme parks.

MOM CEO Michel Larroche has applauded the merger between the two groups, seeing it as a “growth project” and an opportunity to “draw on the Bel distribution networks, which are firmly rooted in the United States”. The group’s Babybel cheeses, for example, are sold in almost every food store in the country.

As well as Bel’s three U.S. factories in South Dakota, Kentucky and Wisconsin, the group is established in 129 counties. MOM has a presence in Europe and North America, and will now be able to take advantage of Bel’s vast distribution network.

“In the future, there may be shared displays of Babybel and GoGo squeeZ across the United States, and even in other countries all over the world”, says Michel Larroche.

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