Paris’ First American Diner

French gastronomy is generally regarded as one of the leading heavyweights in world cuisine. Food-enthusiasts travel to France from all over the world to sample and delight in the country’s famous dishes. While at the other end of the spectrum is often placed the ignominious food nations: Great Britain, Germany… and the USA, whose critics typically look down on it as a nation whose culinary culmination has resulted in the Big Mac.

However, sat among the red and white, old-fashioned diner décor of Breakfast in America, working your way through a sumptuous plate of pancakes, you’d be hard-pressed to say that food from the US didn’t deserve a fairer hearing. Craig Carlson — founder of Paris’s first American-style diner — certainly thinks so, and has gone through a maelstrom of merde to realize his dream of becoming a restaurateur in Paris. His story is as rich as the diner’s signature maple syrup, and has seen him find love, tackle the dreaded French bureaucracy, and even turn the Parisians onto


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