Can Paris Become a Start-up Capital?

This is the wish of French president Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. Yet, Forbes thinks that the French project is too ambitious.

The French capital has many advantages, writes Peter Cohan, the author of the book Startup Cities, published last February. Paris is home to renowned engineering schools and opened the world’s largest tech campus, the Station F, in June 2017. Furthermore, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM all promised to create thousands of jobs in France in the near future. However, Cohan argues that France does not have enough “unicorns” — startups valued at over a billion euros — and lacks the necessary mentoring and financing network to compete with the Silicon Valley.

French labor unrest and seasonal strikes, concludes the Forbes article, remain the largest obstacle to Macron’s project. “It remains to be seen whether Macron will achieve his achieve his aim [to soften labor and employment laws] to make it easier for French companies to compete.”

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