If Tanisha Townsend has her way, the multitude of pleasures inherent to wine – producing, tasting, and sharing – will one day be free […]
Who are French farmers? How do they grow premium produce? And above all, how should it be cooked? On his weekly show Epicerie Fine […]
Liberté, Égalité, Beaujolais
According to Roland Barthes, wine is the French nation’s “totem-drink.” It is the equivalent of tea in Britain and beer in Germany. […]
Coffee Society
Whether knocked back at the bar or sipped at a terrace, “java” is an inextricable part of French art de vivre. Paradoxically, this custom […]
Flour Power
A number of French people living in the United States have taken the plunge and opened a bakery. But in the context of the […]

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