Absinthe, that spirit of scandalous repute, was adored by Belle Epoque artists, condemned by anti-alcohol leagues, and long outlawed in Europe and the United […]
Crazy For Crepes
On February 2, the French will be flipping crêpes in honor of la Chandeleur, an ancient celebration of pagan and Christian origins. This tradition […]
Culinary Renaissance
Fifty years ago in December 1970, the cream of Francophile American gourmets – including Julia Child, author M.F.K. Fisher, and chef James Beard – […]
It is hard to think of a more American tradition than Thanksgiving! Yet it is quite easy to add a little French flavor to […]
Turkeys are the centerpieces of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and are as American as apple pie and Coca-Cola. This bird appeared in the Americas […]
Wine Talk
Woody, structured, full-bodied… More than 1,000 terms are used to describe wine! Here is a (very small) sample to get you started ahead of […]

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