Christine Blasey Ford, Equality Leading the People

The testimony of a university professor who has brought sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump's candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court heralds a new step in the #MeToo movement. Women all over the world are now speaking out as one to tell men that “enough is enough.” Last Thursday I was on Times Square in…

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  • Mr. Sorman:

    Are you serious? Do you sincerely believe that those men who have pursued this mode of action will change? It is, as you indicate, men and women experiencing their sexual lives in different ways. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of societal norms or an aspect of (or lack of) civilizational norms. It is a biological fact. I wish you good luck.

    By the way, this column has far surpassed the drivel that you have issued in so many previous columns. Your logic — or lack thereof — astounds me.


    William Grealish

  • You are treating this particular event as a common problem involving male predators, and completely ignoring its political motivations. Is it because you are not familiar enough with present-day American politics which are getting increasing “down and dirty.” This event is not as related to the “me too” movement as it is to serving a political purpose. Since most “me too” events are related to fuzzy memories and a lack of any hard evidence, women in the movement would be better served if they can convince women that they must come forward at the time of a purported sexual advance or assault of any kind. To come forward thirty years later, with no provable evidence, only adds to the current divide.

  • In the United States, you are “innocent until proven guilty.” In this case, there are allegations that have not even been corroborated, let alone proven. Both Ford and Kavanaugh were sincere in their testimony, and I do not believe either of them lied intentionally. Obviously one of them was mistaken, and we will never know which one, but baseless speculation, such as appears in this editorial, is not helpful. Guy Sorman is President of France-Amerique, and we subscribers are funding his opportunity to publish drivel such as this editorial. If I did not enjoy France-Amerique Magazine so much, I would cancel my subscription. I may yet do that one of these days!

  • “Comme toute révolution, celle-ci fera des victimes collatérales : il est possible que des hommes soient injustement accusés, voire condamnés à la suite de dénonciations sans fondement. C’est à de pareilles injustices aussi que l’on reconnaît les révolutions.” La raison d’Etat et le tribunal révolutionnaire médiatique comme outil d’une pseudo-révolution : vous êtes à vomir.

  • Excellent. To answer the “innocent until proven guilty” argument. This concept applies to a court of law, not to job interview. If the police say that “there’s only a 10% chance the guy is guilty, prosecutors wouldn’t charge him.” But would any parent hire a baby-sitter if the cops said “Look, he’s a fine man but there’s one chance out of ten that he’ll rape your child?” Would the CIA give a security clearance to woman if it believes there’s a 10% probability she’s on the enemy’s payroll?

  • @François Tout à fait. C’ est le genre de dérive fascisante de ceux pour qui faire des victimes innocentes ne compte pas. Tous les totalitarismes procèdent de cette façon. Par ailleurs le mouvement metoo n’a jamais eu pour réelle vocation de lutter contre les violences faites aux femmes : aucune de ses porte paroles n’ a jamais condamné les horreurs commises par des islamistes à Telford en Angleterre, au Pakistan ou au Nigéria. Aucune d’entre elles n’ a soutenu Asia Bibi. Aucune d’entre elles ne s’attaque à l’excision ou aux mariages forcés. Immonde hypocrisie d’une imposture utilisant des méthodes d’extrême droite : délation et fausses accusations. C’est la seule chose dont l’Histoire se souviendra, encore que le plus probable est que dans 50 ans tout le monde aura oublié le “mouvement metoo” et sa démagogie rarement égalée.

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