Christine Blasey Ford, Equality Leading the People

The testimony of a university professor who has brought sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump's candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court heralds a new step in the #MeToo movement. Women all over the world are now speaking out as one to tell men that “enough is enough.”

Last Thursday I was on Times Square in New York where all media outlets have their headquarters. It was 10 a.m., when on any other day the crowds would be bustling and hurrying about. But that Thursday was different. Thousands of onlookers were frozen to the spot, as if hypnotized by the images displayed on the giant television screens on the surrounding buildings. Never have the American people been so stunned in the face of an event since humankind’s first steps on the moon and the September 11 attacks. And this recent affair will probably be just as major a turning point in history as Neil Armstrong’s mission.

It was not a show per se, however. On the screens, her voice breaking with emotion, a stony-faced woman wearing


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