The Co-Founder of FRAME, the French-American Cultural Network, Elizabeth F. Rohatyn Dies at 86

Patron of education and the arts, Elizabeth F. Rohatyn — the American wife of Felix Rohatyn, the ex-ambassador of the United States in France from 1997 to 2000 — passed away on Sunday, October 9 at her home in Manhattan at the age of 86, according to The New York Times.

FRAME, the American non-profit, now co-presided by Marie-Christine Labourdette, the current director of the Musées de France on the French side, and Jennifer Thomas, the executive director of the Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) representing the American side, brings together large museums in French provinces with those of states and counties in North America, leaving out exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. This decision works to showcase large collections housed outside of big cities and cultural hubs.

The organization encourages franco-american cultural cooperation through the lending of works of art, supports the exchange of professional staff among its museum’s teams, and assists in the organization of exhibitions between France and the United States with the goal of developing the French and American public’s respective interest in art. Upon its creation, FRAME’s membership was comprised of 18 museums, and it has expanded over the years. It now includes 31 French and North American (United States and Canada) regional museums, with an even distribution (15 museums in the United States and 16 museums in France).

The organization has already supported over 20 traveling exhibitions, among which included the recent exhibition entitled “Georgia O’Keefe and her Photographer Friends,” which was on display at the Musée de Grenoble in February 2016.

Elizabeth F. Rohatyn also served as the chairwoman of the New York Public Library, as well as a board member of the Lincoln Center, stated The New York Times. She also sponsored the I Have A Dream foundation, which followed more than 50 low-income students throughout their studies, and founded Teaching Matters Inc., a non-profit working to support teachers.