• philadelphie-independance-hall
    The French Benevolent Society to Hold its Annual Dinner in Philadelphia

    Founded in 1793, the French Benevolent Society of Philadelphia will hold its 8th annual dinner at the restaurant R2L on November 8 at 7 pm. This is the first French association in the United States. Back in 1793, the French Benevolent Society of Philadelphia helped French citizens who had fled to the U.S. capital city in the aftermath of the French...

  • summit-francophonie-yerevan-armenia
    La Francophonie’s Decision Confirms the Rebirth of French in Louisiana

    Louisiana’s application to join the International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF) was accepted on October 11. But in Paris and in Baton Rouge the "battle" of La Francophonie in Louisiana is only just beginning. Louisiana is now a part of the institution of La Francophonie. The American State’s population comprises more than 5% of Francophones with 5,000 students enrolled in...

  • summit-francophonie-yerevan-armenia
    Louisiana Joins La Francophonie

    It's official! The American state has joined the International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF) as an observer member. Its application was accepted on Thursday, October 11, by the organization’s member states at a summit in Erevan, Armenia. The 54 full member states and governments of the IOF made a unanimous decision at the 17th summit of La Francophonie. According to...

  • arme-police-france-weapon-arm-firearm-pistoler-gun
    Should France Arm its Municipal Police Officers?

    Two French representatives recommend to follow the American model and arm municipal police officers in France. Only 44% of the 21,000 officers in this local police force currently carry a pistol while on duty. Between October 2013 and March 2018, there were 78 attempted acts of terrorism recorded in France. This figure “affects the way national security is approached,” according to...


  • henri-philippe-petain
    Should Marshal Pétain Be Honored?

    As the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice is being celebrated, public opinion is divided on the inclusion of Pétain’s name in the list of eight French marshals honored by the Elysée Palace on Saturday 10 November. Pétain is a major historical figure, having been both the hero of the Battle of Verdun in World War I, and the collaborationist,...

  • parade-american-troops-paris-4-july-1918
    Passing the Torch: America One Hundred Years Ago

    November 11, 1918, marked the end of World War I and the beginning of American omnipotence — and this era continues today. What exactly do we commemorate on November 11 in France and America? There were no real winners in the Great War. The French and their allies from Britain, the United States, Belgium, Serbia and elsewhere were decimated by...

  • Christine-Blasey-Ford-Brett-Kavanaugh
    Christine Blasey Ford, Equality Leading the People

    The testimony of a university professor who has brought sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump's candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court heralds a new step in the #MeToo movement. Women all over the world are now speaking out as one to tell men that “enough is enough.” Last Thursday I was on Times Square in New York where all media...[Subscriber]

  • tortoise-hare-lievre-tortue
    America Booms While Europe Trails Behind

    Economists cannot forecast, and the current economic status in America is showing us proof of that today. No scientist ever imagined that an advanced economy such as the United States could grow by almost 4% in a year while also bringing unemployment figures below 4%. It was theoretically impossible, but the current situation proves otherwise. Inaccurate predictions could be one...[Subscriber]


  • hello-girls-telephone-operators-world-war-1-ww1
    The Hello Girls, the Voice of the U.S. Army in France

    The first women recruited by the U.S. Army were equipped with helmets and gasmasks just like their male counterparts, but they were armed with telephones. Some 223 French-speaking American women served as switchboard operators during World War I. Nicknamed the “Hello Girls,” they acted as a link between the front line and the rear guard and between French and American...

  • lewis-hine-france-ww1-american-red-cross-library-of-congress
    World War I in France Seen Through the Lens of Lewis Hine

    A hundred years ago, France was caught in the final year of World War I. American photographer Lewis Hine traveled across the country in 1918 for the American Red Cross, documenting their work with refugees, orphans, and wounded soldiers. Lost for decades, his poignant work has recently been made public by the Library of Congress. Lewis Hine has been acknowledged...

  • Apocalypse-la-paix-impossible-1918-1926-France-Televisions-tv5
    1918-1926: The Never-Ending War

    La Paix Impossible is the sixth instalment of the Apocalypse history documentary series on 20th-century military conflicts. Produced using nothing but restored color footage, the two 45-minute episodes depict the interwar period (1918-1926) and the rise of nationalism. A film by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, narrated by Mathieu Kassovitz. Interview. France-Amérique: Why have you called the 1918-1926 period "la...

  • versailles-chateau-france-Christian-Milet
    Versailles’ American Splendor

    The Château de Versailles is a symbol of French excellence in the arts, emblematic of absolute power and the height of the monarchy’s reign. But it actually owes part of its current grandeur and beauty to a number of Americans who financed its restoration throughout the 20th century. "What I must do is not what other people do, but what...[Subscriber]


  • etats-unis-usa-amerique
    A French Company in Every U.S. State

    There is not a single American state without a French business within its borders. From New York to Alaska, companies such as Airbus, Michelin, Bel, Louis Vuitton, Safran, Saint-Gobain, and Sodexo are creating jobs and contributing to the U.S. economy. In its most recent annual report, the department of economic affairs at the embassy of France in Washington offers a...

  • OneWeb-Satellite-toulouse-airbus-france-florida-floride-exploration-park-constellation
    Airbus Races to the Stars in Florida

    The European aviation group will be inaugurating a satellite production facility near Cape Canaveral in Florida this fall. Airbus already makes mid-haul aircraft in Alabama but is now turning to space defense and government contracts for the U.S. armed forces. The building set to host the future Airbus factory has been finished at the NASA space complex in Exploration Park....

  • appartment-paris-france
    Paris Attitude, the Agency Specialized in Leasing Long-Term Furnished Apartments in Paris

    [Partner Article] With more than 6000 luxury-style apartments, Paris Attitude, specialized in rent for short and long-term furnished apartments, fits the needs of professionals in Paris as well as French expatriates returning to the capital. A furnished apartment, readily equipped with all the necessary amenities, and positioned close to the most prominent French business locations, starting with the Défense district:...

  • la-nuit-en-rose-wine-vin-nyc-2017
    French Rosé Finds Fame and Fortune in the U.S.

    Sales of rosé wine shot up 53% in the United States last year. The reasons for this record growth can be found in the booming wine culture in North America and the aggressive marketing strategies employed by winegrowers from Southern France. It has to be said that rosé wine has not always had the best reputation. The go-to rosé in...


  • pencil-crayon-drapeau-francais-americain-french-flag-american-bilinguisme-bilingualism-trousse-pencil-case
    The Boom in Dual-Language Classes in New York (3/3): The Future of Education is in Two Languages

    In the third and final part of our series on bilingualism, Fabrice Jaumont, education specialist and author of The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, looks at the future of French-English dual-language classes in New York. Fourteen public schools in New York have opened a French-English dual-language program since September 2007. Four have been discontinued due...

  • crayons-couleur-drapeau-francais-americain-french-flag-american-bilinguisme-bilingualism-box-boite
    The Boom in Dual-Language Classes in New York (2/3): “Demand is High Enough to Open 50 More Schools!”

    In the second part of our series on bilingualism, Fabrice Jaumont, education specialist and author of The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, explains the role of parents in the creation of the French-English dual-language classes in New York. More than 80,000 people living in New York speak French at home according to the latest data...

  • pencil-crayon-papier-drapeau-francais-americain-french-flag-american-bilinguisme-bilingualism
    The Boom in Dual-Language Classes in New York (1/3): The Story of Giselle McGee

    In this three-part series on bilingualism, Fabrice Jaumont, educator and author of The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, looks back over the creation of the first French-English dual-language classes in New York. In April 2006, three determined mothers burst into the office of Giselle Gault-McGee, the principal of the P.S. 58 elementary school in the...

  • fountain-pen-lead-pencil
    The Fight Between Fountain Pens and Pencils in the U.S.

    The biggest difference between the French cartable and the American schoolbag weighs a little over half an ounce. In the United States, school children write with lead pencils while many students in France continue to use fountain pens. “My son was surprised to see his classmates all using lead pencils instead of a pen on his first day at school,”...


  • Pascaline-Lepeltier-master-sommelier-sommeliere-MOF-meilleur-ouvrier-de-france
    Pascaline Lepeltier, Master Sommelier

    Pascaline Lepeltier first studied philosophy before deciding to train as a sommelier. After working in New York for almost ten years, she has recently become the first woman to receive the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title in the sommellerie category. Pascaline Lepeltier has made her way to the top. On October 2, she was the only woman among nine...

  • french-cheese-plate-statue-liberty
    You Are Where You Eat

    Looking for her roots in Normandy, an American writer fell in love with pungent cheese and discovered the importance of terroir in French culture and gastronomy. The sky of Normandy is so blue that painters whose work hangs in the Musée d’Orsay had to find new pigment to paint it — so a guide told me. The sun that shines...

  • mgm-grand-restaurant-joel-robuchon
    Joël Robuchon, a Star-Spangled Chef in the United States

    Famed for his potato purée with lightly salted butter, the Frenchman was far more than a cook. For many years he embodied French cuisine de terroir from Paris to Las Vegas. “To describe Joël Robuchon as a cook is a bit like calling Pablo Picasso a painter, Luciano Pavarotti a singer, Frederic Chopin a pianist, “wrote American Patricia Wells. The...

  • le-bateau-ivre-french-wine-bar-bistro-restaurant-nyc-new-york
    Le Bateau Ivre, a Haven for French Wine Lovers in Manhattan

    Known as the first wine bar in New York City, the French bistro Le Bateau Ivre will be participating in French Restaurant Week through July 15. The owners of Le Bateau Ivre are from India. The chef is from Venezuela and the kitchen staff is from Ecuador, Mexico, and Guatemala. Yet the French atmosphere can be seen from miles away....