The Researcher Cataloguing all the French Statues in the United States

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous French statue in the United States, but almost 20,000 other French creations also dot the country in places as diverse as Philadelphia, Honolulu, and Duluth in Minnesota. This collection piqued the curiosity of Laure de Margerie, a former documentarist from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and inspired her to create an online...

French Art Professionals United in the States

Founded by two French expats in Miami, the association French Arts Associates brings together French art professionals based in the United States. French Arts Associates was launched on November 18, 2016, with an inaugural event in the gallery owned by Parisian-born Lélia Mordoch in Wynwood — the Miami neighborhood hosting the Art Basel fair every year. The association founded by Sophie Blachet...

Dubuffet’s Drawings at the Morgan Library

Jean Dubuffet (1935-1962) was a pioneer of "art brut", and is “the most renowned French artist in the United States” along with Yves Klein, according to collector Franck Prazan. Around 100 of Dubuffet’s drawings from French and American collections will be exhibited at the Morgan Library in New York from September 20 to December 2 of this year. Dubuffet influenced...[Subscriber]

An Exhibition About Yves Saint Laurent Started in Seattle

An exhibition chronicling the life and remarkable 44-year career of the famed French designer opened on Tuesday at the Seattle Art Museum. Yves Saint Laurent pioneered modern women’s wear with such designs as the safari jacket and Le Smoking. His willingness to borrow from menswear prompted many to view his creations as instruments of female empowerment. (Upon being refused entry...

The Catholic Church’s Contemporary Art Scene

The Catholic Church of France has increasingly called on the services of contemporary artists since the 1960’s, employing a mix of believers, atheists, French citizens and non-French nationals to carry out renovations and publically commissioned work. These projects offer the Church a modern, enlightened image, and give the artists an opportunity to work in a space seeped in symbolism and...[Subscriber]

In Paris, the Mona Bismarck American Center honors Transatlantic art

This art gallery is nestled in a 19th-century private mansion in Paris, and was founded by the Countess Mona Bismarck. Married five times, divorced three times and widowed twice, Mona Bismarck was a leading socialite and a couture patron who left a hub for American culture in Paris. This institution sits on the most American avenue of the capital –...[Subscriber]

The Donjon of Vez: a medieval residence for contemporary artists

A Donjon (keep) in a small village in Picardy has survived barbarian invasions and the Hundred Years War. Today it enjoys a second life as a contemporary art museum, home to Daniel Buren’s colored windows, installations by Jean-Pierre Raynaud and gardens landscaped by Pascal Cribier. Francis and Caroline Briest were looking for a second home in 1987. They had pictured...[Subscriber]