“I look forward to a roman noir about Guantanamo or the Ferguson scandal!”

For the past 70 years, the Série noire has been the French publisher of the great American detective writers. In doing so, it has paved the way for the emergence of French authors, helping shape a French school of detective novels that is both political and engagé. Three questions to Aurélien Masson, the director of the collection at the Gallimard...

At the Heart of the Série noire

“Our goal is very simple: to prevent you from sleeping.” In 1945, Marcel Duhamel sends ripples through the world of French publishing. With the support of Gaston Gallimard, this literature-loving translator launches the Série noire – a collection of “hardboiled” novels. No more Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot and his deductive investigations: Welcome to the world of gangsters, quiet detectives and...[Subscriber]

The Little Prince Was Born in the USA

Of all the books written in French over the past century, Antoine Saint Exupery’s Le Petit Prince is surely the best loved in the most tongues. Alain-Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes is as well loved in France, but mostly unknown elsewhere. Camus’ La Peste and L’Etranger are better known elsewhere but not exactly loved. Only Saint-Exupery’s book is both universal and cherished....