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In the Footsteps of Christian Louboutin

Director Olivier Garouste followed the inventor of the red-soled heels as he traveled around the world and prepared his retrospective show, L’Exhibitionniste, through January 3 at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. The result is a unique new portrait that showcases the designer’s personality and the inner workings of his empire. France-Amérique: What led you to this project?...

“House of Cardin,” a Documentary on the Designer’s Countless Lives

He dressed Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, and the Beatles. He designed the interior of a famous American sports car, stepped into Buzz Aldrin’s spacesuit, and posed bare-chested on the cover of Time. Pierre Cardin, the all-rounder, the man who was the subject of a remarkable retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum last year, is now the focus of a U.S. documentary,...

Virgil Abloh: Vuitton Switches to American Time

At Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, which reopened on July 14, a retrospective of the work of Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, explores his unlikely journey, varied talents, and deep ambitions. “Duchamp is my lawyer,” Virgil Abloh likes to say. Riding the wave that has merged streetwear with high fashion, the boundary-defying designer became artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear in...

Chaumet, From Empress Joséphine to Beyoncé

The creations from the Chaumet jewelry house are neither trendy nor fashionable, but simply elegant. Founded in 1780, the brand renowned for its tiaras and diamond rings symbolizes luxury from the First French Empire, the sophistication of the Parisian salons, and this je ne sais quoi that makes France so enviable abroad. In a studio on the Place Vendôme in...

Louboutin: From Versailles to the White House

Americans have nicknamed him the “god of shoes,” although he prefers the term “footwear.” Over the last 30 years, Christian Louboutin has made red soles one of the icons of authentic French chic. Born into the modest of milieus in Paris during the 1960s, Christian Louboutin is a self-taught designer with a keen artistic streak. This footwear enthusiast created his...

Amédée Scarves Rewritten by Nicolas Ouchenir

As part of the holiday celebrations, the wool accessories brand Amédée Paris has collaborated with star calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir to design a collection of scarves blending ink drawings and travel-inspired lettering. Nicolas Ouchenir loves fine paper and beautiful pen strokes. In our Twitter-dominated era, the young Parisian has carved out a niche as the go-to calligrapher for leading luxury brands....

From Marie-Antoinette to Jean Paul Gaultier: Paris, Capital of Fashion

Paris is the birthplace of fashion, so if you want to get a first-hand view of the latest trends, Paris Fashion Week, starting on September 23, is the place to be. You will see the best creations from the world's best designers. For those who are not so lucky, a catch-up session in fashion history will be held at New...

Cardin’s Space Age Fashion Touches Down in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Museum is celebrating the 70-year career of fashion pioneer, Italian-born French designer Pierre Cardin, in a retrospective from July 20 through January 5, 2020. Like Saturn and its rings, the silhouette’s circular motion reveals looped strips of orange crepe and wool rising up around a short, sleeveless sheath dress. Ethereal, geometric, and dynamic, this 1969 piece known as "Car...

Thierry Mugler, Provocateur

The first major retrospective of fashion designer Thierry Mugler's work, opening on March 2 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, will reveal his ready-to-wear and haute couture creations. "Paris chic by way of Planet Krypton" is how Vogue once described Thierry Mugler’s aesthetic. Thierry-Maxime Loriot, curator of the retrospective Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, calls the style “a kind of futurist...

Iconic: The Guy Cotten Oilskin Jacket

A small, yellow figure with its arms outstretched is the logo of Guy Cotten, the specialist of “all- weather clothing.” In 50 years, the brand’s reputation has gone far beyond its native Brittany, making it the world leader in professional oilskins. The yellow waterproof jacket featuring Velcro fasteners and a zipper has also established itself on the U.S. market, where...

Iconic: The Louis Vuitton Trunk

What do the 18-carat gold FIFA World Cup trophy and Johannes Vermeer's The Milkmaid have in common? Both items travelled in a bespoke case designed by the French house Louis Vuitton. Rediscover the trunk originally designed by Louis Vuitton in the 19th century. Crafted in poplar wood and featuring the monogram fabric bearing its inventor’s initials, it raised travel to the...

The Battle of Versailles: A French-American Fashion Showdown

Five American designers and five French fashion hotshots went head to head for a runway show at the Château de Versailles on November 28, 1973. The event’s objective was to raise money to restore the château, and saw the United States make its grand entrance onto the international fashion scene. "By the time the curtain came down on the evening’s...

French Fashion v. American Fashion

There are countless generalizations about the contrasting approaches that French and American women take toward fashion — French women pick quality over quantity; Americans are more casual — but most are products of our fantasies. To get closer to reality, we spoke to two women in the fashion industry: American fashion expert Valerie Steele and French fashion designer Anne Fontaine....

Couture Confessions: A Conversation with YSL

Yves Saint Laurent is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum through January 8, 2017. In her book Couture Confessions, published by Rizzoli in France this summer and now available in the United States, Pamela Golbin imagines a conversation with the legendary fashion designer. Pamela Golbin is Chief Curator of Twentieth-Century Fashion and Textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in...[Subscriber]