“Double Lover”, François Ozon’s Erotic Thriller

French director François Ozon, known for 8 Women, Swimming Pool, and Frantz, is back with Double Lover (L’Amant double), a tale of sex, neurosis, and identical twins, coming to U.S. theaters on February 14.

Double Lover was freely adapted from the novel Lives of the Twins, published in 1987 by Joyce Carol Oates under the pen name Rosamond Smith. The film features Marine Vacth — the young actress who rose to fame from her role in Ozon’s Young & Beautiful — as Chloé, a fragile young woman who works as a museum security guard and goes into therapy after she begins experiencing inexplicable stomach pains.

Chloé subsequently forms a passionate relationships with her therapist (Jérémie Rénier) and his twin brother. As disturbing as Ozon’s work can be, he brilliantly channels the best of American thrillers created by Hollywood masters Brian De Palma, Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, and Roman Polanski.


Running time: 110 min
U.S. release: March 14
Director: François Ozon
With: Marine Vatch, Jérémie Renier and Jacqueline Bisset
Distributor: Cohen Media