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“2020” by Juliette Dumas & Sara Mejia Kriendler

The Chimney is pleased to present 2020, a two-person exhibition by French artist Juliette Dumas and Colombian American artist Sara Mejia Kriendler. Juliette Dumas’ work was featured in notable exhibitions in Europe, and is informed by a deep preoccupation about planet earth and our relationship to it, trying to raise people’s awareness regarding the effects of environmental degradation. As a result of their friendship, this exhibition explores the divergence in their practice and their responses to the political, economic and environmental emergencies of our day. While Kriendler imagines the inevitability of man’s evolution towards mechanization and artificiality, Dumas emphasizes the urge for nature’s prevailing power.

2020 juxtaposes wilderness with control, natural forms with industrial ones, utopia and its opposite, the human and the celestial, rigid symmetry and wild curves. Exploring the dichotomies and analogies in their works, the artists embody two opposite poles, tempering each other’s fixations – Dumas’ captivation with the wild with Kriendler’s fascination with control. While Kriendler’s work invests the floor space, corresponding to the human scale, Dumas brings our attention to the horizon and points upwards. Both artists collaborated on New Moon, a lunar projection 20 feet from the ground, the highest plane in the exhibition. The moon is given a place of prominence in 2020, a constant companion, a source of inspiration, and a guide to look up to as we enter a cycle of uncertainty.