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A French-American Perspective on Assisted Reproductive Technologies

This two-day Franco-American workshop seeks to compare the cultural, ethical, religious, historical and policy implications of how reproductive technologies have developed and now impact our two national contexts.

In both countries, advanced reproductive technologies have long been in development and are now in widespread use. France and the United States share a certain number of similar conceptions relative to kinship and gender, and are both undergoing comparable evolutions in the creation of new family configurations. Yet in France, public discourse calling for “social solidarity” with people experiencing infertility is widespread and public payment and access is designed and tightly controlled through biomedical regulation. In the US, by contrast, “privacy” of family life and “consumer choice” dominate the public discussion, while few insurance schemes actually cover reproductive technology expenses and market access shapes both popular imaginaries and practical use.

Organized by Rayna Rapp (NYU), Linda Gordon (NYU), Séverine Mathieu (EPHE-PSL, Paris) and Jennifer Merchant (Université Paris 2, Paris).