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Alice Diop, a Documentary Filmmaker

The Cultural services of the French Embassy presents Alice Diop, a documentary filmmaker, a special screening dedicated to the young French Director and screenwriter, featuring two of her documentaries.

Before being a movie director, Alice Diop studied History and visual sociology: exploring relationships between society and cinema has always been fundamental in her work. Born in 1979, daughter of Senegalese immigrants, she grew up in a housing project in the suburb of Paris until the age of 10, where she came back often to make documentaries, attempting to present a different perspective on it.

Danton’s death (France, 2011, 64 min)
Her childhood neighborhood is also the place where she met Steve Tientcheu, a young actor she filmed during three years inDanton’s death (La Mort de Danton). The film shows both the courageous journey and the doubts of the 25 years old man living in the “periphery”, who dreams of playing the role of the French revolutionary icon Georges Danton while following acting classes in the prestigious “Cours Simon” in Paris.

Towards Tendernes (France, 2015, 39 min)
Danton’s death will be preceded by the 2015 short documentaryTowards Tenderness (Vers la Tendresse), an intimate exploration of a masculine territory in a French suburb. Alice Diop reveals the testimony of four young men about love and the difficulty to become a man today.

In French with English subtitles.