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Are Democracy and Tolerance on The Decline? Why? And what to Do?

A conference with Adam Gopnik, Yascha Mounk, Melissa Nobles, and former Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls.

The post-WWII order is fraying: democracy and tolerance are under attack. How has democracy become a devalued concept? Why are populism and xenophobia on the rise in the Western world? Can democracy, liberalism and capitalism survive the current crisis? Or is there a need for an entirely new paradigm?

Our exceptional panel of experts will analyze the causes of the current historical shift — among them the impact of unprecedented immigration flows; terrorism; the widening gap between citizens and governments; increased financial inequality; loss of cultural identity; the role of education and new technologies. They will address ways to protect democracy, freedom and human rights in the society of the future.

In English. Free and open to the public with RSVP.