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Ariane Bois: “Le Gardien de nos frères”

French author and journalist Ariane Bois will present her fourth novel, Le Gardien de nos frères (Belfond, 2016), and discuss its historical context with Department of History graduate student Alexandra Steinlight.

The novel illuminates a little-known episode, the experience of les dépisteurs, the trackers sent to find Jewish children hidden during World War II whose parents had not survived. At the end of the war, Simon, a resistance fighter from a well-to-do Parisian Jewish family, and Lena, the daughter of Polish shopkeepers from the ghetto of Warsaw, sign up as trackers. These two young heroes will meet countless difficulties. The story of a quest as well as a love story, the book has received several prizes, including the Prix Wizo.

Discussion in French and English.