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Avant-Première: “San Francisco Beyond The Postcard”

San Francisco Beyond the Postcard is a full-length feature documentary celebrating the city of San Francisco, beyond the usual “postcard-like” clichés. French cinematographer, director and producer Christian Jeunet has lovingly shot and edited this valentine to San Francisco over the last 10 years, interviewing hundreds of it’s citizens and capturing the quirks, charm and history of the City by the Bay.

Since 1982 Christian Jeunet has worked as Production Manager for France’s biggest television programs on Canal Plus, winning a Sept d’Or award. He worked with director Claude Chabrol on the film “The Blood of Others,” starring Jodie Foster. Christian directed cable television programs before creating his own production company in 1988, producing TV magazines, documentaries, commercials and programs. Since the year 2000, Jeunet has returned to his first passion, filmmaking, investing his time and energy in long form documentary, which he produces and directs. His latest project, “San Francisco Beyond the Postcard,” debuts in September 2016 after 10 years in the making.

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