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Bach on the Marimba

Trio SR9 present their creative vision of contemporary percussion with Bach on the Marimba, during a program of performances and master classes in Boston and New York. The Trio SR9, made up of Paul Changarnier, and Alexandre Nicolas Cousin Esperet, was formed in 2010 at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon, and has since performed on many stages in France and internationally. In this Bach on the Marimba program, three marimbas will offer harmonies born from the merger of the three marimbas evocative of infinite possibilities, for the enjoyment of both parents and children!


29 septembre 2016: SO’ Percussion’s Brooklyn Bound Series, New York, NY
1er octobre 2016: Juilliard School, New York, NY
3 octobre 2016 à 19h30: Saint Peter’s Church, New York, NY
4 octobre 2016 de 19h à 21h: NYU, New York, NY

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