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Battlefield at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Thirty years after his legendary sunset-to-sunrise production of The Mahabharata consecrated the BAM Harvey stage, director Peter Brook returns with Battlefield, a breathtaking distillation of the central story in the ancient Sanskrit poem. In the wake of an apocalyptic civil war, a remorseful King Yudishtira—his hands still bloodied from the carnage—desperately seeks some just way to rule over murderers and murdered alike. Silk scarves become rivers and shrouds; four actors are reincarnated as worms and eagles, victims and perpetrators; and a single instrumentalist (a veteran of Brook’s original production) scores the bleak peace of oblivion, giving haunting new life to this staggering Indian epic.

Based on The Mahabharata and the play by Jean-Claude Carrière. Adapted and produced by Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne.