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Bouchra Ouizguen: Corbeaux

The choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen drew on medieval Persian literature and the trance rituals of her native Morocco when conceiving  Corbeaux (Crows), a site-specific work performed by members of her dance troupe, Compagnie O, and participants from whichever community they “migrate” to. Garbed in black, with white headwraps, these women of varying ages and backgrounds form a hypnotic living sculpture with their repetitive motions and loud vocalizations. Audiences in four U.S. cities can catch this unique spectacle this month, thanks to local arts institutions that are hosting the show in a variety of spaces.

Sept. 9 and 10: Portland, OR;
Sept. 16 and 17: Cincinnati, OH;
Sept. 23 and 24:
 Minneapolis, MN;
Sept. 30 and Oct. 1: New 
York City;