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Breakfast Talk Series: Carol Jazzar and Alice Raymond

Carol Jazzar, is a Miami-based collage artist, writer, independent curator, and art dealer. She studied law at the University of Rennes. She founded the Carol Jazzar Gallery in October 2007, which specializes in contemporary art across multiple disciplines, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, mixed media, and performance.

Alice Raymond is a French artist. She earned a MA in Language Sciences from the University of Grenoble and an MA in Visual Arts at the Beaux Arts. She lived in Germany and Switzerland before moving to the United States (Miami and San Francisco). She received a European Grant for the German Art Residency Art Aspects. She has extensively exhibited her works in the US, France.

Alice Raymond and Carol Jazzar collaborated for the exhibition Interrupta Narratio that offers viewers an infinite number of possible narratives. “We create narratives with words, images, and symbols, and with these tools, we tell or depict stories.” The exhibit, which includes drawings and collages, is using different techniques as both artists create compositions that stem from instinctive choices: automatic drawings for Raymond and cut‑outs from Artforum magazines for Jazzar. Combining psychoanalysis and art, Raymond will take you into a fascinating world while Jazzar, using instinct as her first tool, reinterprets in her own way different works of contemporary art. Created with words, images, and symbols, this narrative is a journey through reality and absurdity.