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Chapuisat Brothers Recreate the Neutra House

The French Chapuisat brothers were invited by the architecture department of the California Polytechnic State University for a three month residency — with an exhibition to follow — at the Neutra VDL House in Los Angeles.

The Brothers Chapuisat imagined Cornerstone, a wood installation creating a new architectual envelope around the orginial structure built by Richard Neutra. This installation is intimately linked with the Neutra VDL House and will be the residence of the artists during their residency and exhibition, where the public is invited to visit. The residency begins in october, and the exposition will be open January 11th and run to April 30th.

The Chapuisat brothers both received an artistic education abroad for a number of years before ending up in Geneva in 2001, where their contrasting experiences led them to develop an interest in spatial studies.