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Christiane Taubira on Tour

Christiane Taubira was elected four times to the National Assembly of France (representing French Guiana), where she was the driving force behind the 2001 law that recognizes the Atlantic slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. In 2012, she was appointed Justice Minister of France. In that capacity, she oversaw fundamental penal reforms that prevent recidivism and promote rehabilitation, and introduced a law that both legalized same-sex marriage in France, and allows same-sex couples to adopt children. Her political engagement embodies an outstanding commitment and dedication to human rights, dignity and equal rights for all of us.

She is also the author of many books including Codes noirs : de l’esclavage aux abolitions in 2006,  Egalité pour les exclus : le politique face à l’histoire et à la mémoire coloniales in 2009, Murmures à la jeunesse in 2016 and Nous habitons la Terre in 2017.

Ms. Taubira will tour the U.S. beginning in Massachusetts, where she will be speaking at a French-American symposium on education and gender equality at Wellesley College on October 20-21, and stopping in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee and New York.