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CinéSalon: The Three-Way Wedding

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
4pm & 7:30pm
Wine and beer reception after both screenings

A visit of actors to the country home of the reclusive playwright Auguste turns into an emotional showdown when it is revealed that Auguste’s ex-wife and muse Harriet plans to marry Théo, her young costar of Auguste’s next play. Director Jacques Doillon, a veteran chronicler of the ebb and flow of romance, blurs the line between farce and intense drama, infusing both with an erotic charge. Julie Depardieu and Louis Garrel deliver virtuoso performances as Harriet and Théo, but Pascal Greggory is the main attraction, playing Auguste with an endearing, world-weary tenderness.

Dir. Jacques Doillon, 2010, 104 min
With Pascal Greggory, Julie Depardieu,
Louis Garrel, Agathe Bonitzer

In French with English subtitles