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Deborah Farnault: “We Only Have One Place To Live”

Los Angeles based French photographer Deborah Farnault is taking part in #SaveArtSpace’s initiative to bring public art to Los Angeles, entitled “We Only Have One Place To Live.”

The exhibition aims to explore the tension between human society and the environment; between static and change, asking local artists to voice their passionate concerns about how environmental change is affecting our globalized society and also the philosophical and existential questions that arise when we are both the problem, and the potential solution, to the crises our world faces.

On that topic, she says: “The convergence of urbanism and landscape is the foundation of my work. Through the use of photography-based research, I study landscape as a cultural construct and a political space. I address the ideas of absence, romanticism, and authenticity of experience.”

Along with 9 other artists, including French artist Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Deborah Farnault’s work will be showcased on billboards throughout Hollywood, Silver Lake, Culver City and Downtown Los Angeles, beginning January 16 through February 12, 2017.