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Deployed, Conditional, and Limited Utopia

This exhibition builds a visual topography of the urban, subtropical conditions of Miami, reflecting upon these distinct environments as evidence of the cultural and political landscapes of the city. Human activity, and the turns of economic booms and busts, are insinuated throughout the works as artifacts — semi-manicured yards, chain link fences, power lines, pavement — hidden among rich vegetation; subjects that are treated as background. Artist Adler Guerrier, in many ways, plays the role of cultural cartographer, and the images themselves, physically folded, unfolded, and then displayed on the wall, have the look of maps laid out with landmarks noted in painted squares.

The act of seeing, or acknowledging, can be revolutionary and transgressive; and in Deployed, Conditional, and Limited Utopia we see Haiti-born Guerrier’s gaze, how he witnesses and reinterprets Miami, home, and Utopia as the interconnected components in his personal concept of place. To look is everything; to see the possibility of these everyday, and sometimes degraded, sceneries is a first step in deploying action.