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Discussion on Todd Shepard’s “Sex, France and Arab Men”

Todd Shepard’s Sex, France and Arab Men, 1962-1979 (University of Chicago Press, 2017) is a history of how and why—from the upheavals of French Algeria in 1962 through the 1970s—highly sexualized claims about Arabs were omnipresent in important public French discussions, both those that dealt with sex and those that spoke of Arabs. The book has also been published in French in February, 2017 by Payot (Mâle Décolonisation. L’homme arabe et la France de l’indépendance algérienne à la révolution iranienne).

Todd Shepard: Arthur O. Lovejoy Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University; author of The Invention of Decolonization: The Algerian War and the Remaking of France

Herrick Chapman: Associate Professor of History and French Studies, NYU; co-editor of Race in France

Crystal Fleming :Associate Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, SUNY at Stony Brook; author of Resurrecting Slavery: Racial Legacies and White Supremacy in France

Sylvie TissotProfessor of Political Science, Université de Vincennes-Saint-Denis-Paris 8; author of L’Etat et les quartiers

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