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“Divino Inferno”: Rodin and the Gates of Hell

On the occasion of Auguste Rodin’s 100th death anniversary, the projection of critically praised art documentary Divino Inferno, which premiered on March 24, 2017 at The Grand Palais in Paris for the opening of Rodin, the Centennial Exhibition. The projection will be followed by a Q&A with director Bruno Aveillan, co-author Zoé Balthus, and Musée Rodin editor Jean-Baptiste Chantoiseau, and a reception.

Produced by ARTE, National French Museum Guild (RMN), NOIR, and Quad & Fix Studio, the 60-minute documentary is based around one of Auguste Rodin’s most emblematic works, The Gates of Hell. Divino Inferno reveals the little-known story behind The Gates of Hell — one of the most enigmatic masterpieces in the history of art, and the key to the sculptor Auguste Rodin’s oeuvre as a whole.

Through the thrilling story of this door’s creation, the visual artist, photographer and filmmaker Bruno Aveillan draws a fascinating portrait of the sculptor in which Aveillan and co-writer Zoé Balthus explore all aspects of the creation of this unique monument and show just how visionary Rodin was as an artist. Working with contemporary dancers and artists such as Mircea Cantor (2011 Marcel Duchamp Award), Aveillan presents a film that combines visual art, music and literature and takes a totally fresh look at the work of one of the greatest creative artists of all time.

Nb. The documentary will also be presented at Stanford University’s Hoshman Hall on October 12.