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Fête de la Musique at the Alliance Française de San Francisco

Come to the Alliance Française de San Francisco on June 21, and dance among the vibrant sounds and beats of Fête de la Musique — a worldwide celebration of summer and music!

In 1976, during his time at Radio France-France Musique, Joel Cohen, the notable American musician, had an idea. Maurice Fleuret, a renown French radio producer, shaped this idea and organized the very first Fête de la Musique in France under the administraion of Minister of Culture Jack Lang. In less than 30 years, the Fête de la Musique has been adopted in 120 countries in 5 continents, with more than 340 cities participating in the entire world.

What better reason to celebrate music than on June 21, the first day of summer? Music is, of course, the universal language that brings people together.