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France for Travelers: All You Need to Know About French Culture, Language and Trip Logistics

Come join us for this content-rich class on how to travel well in France! If you’re headed to France for the first time or even if you’ve been before, our “French for Travelers” course will help ensure you have a marvelous time — and also help avoid any unwelcome surprises or faux pas! Instructor and France expert Dr. Elizabeth New Seitz has been teaching this class at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, for over 10 years and it’s always a sell-out.

In this special mini-intensive lecture series, on March 19-21, 2018 from 7-9 pm, Dr. Seitz will discuss French and American habits and attitudes, introduce essential language for a variety of situations (including restaurants — how to order, what to order, what NOT to order — rognons de veau, anyone?), highlight French customs and vocabulary for a variety of contexts (table manners, shopping, hotels, museums, how to ask for gift wrapping!), teach indispensable pronunciation tips, and provide a great list of French travel essentials. Real life stories and anecdotes about travel in France and interacting with the French make this a lively and fun class. You will also walk away with specific tips and strategies about traveling like a pro in France (by train, métro, or air) as well as the confidence to really enjoy your time there.

This course complements previous study of the language, though no prior knowledge of French is required. The class includes six hours of rich instruction plus comprehensive handouts so you will walk away with a great toolkit and guide to take on your next trip to France. Please note that the class is conducted primarily in English with LOTS of good practice in French. You can bring your France travel questions too! Advance registration is required through SMU’s Continuing Studies Program. (NB: This is the only time this course will be offered in 2018 — just in time for the spring, summer and fall travel season!)