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François Mitterand: Journées Particulières

As the political season gears up, we invite you to join us for a conversation on former French President François Mitterrand with French author Laure Adler, and president and publisher of Harper’s Magazine, John Rick MacArthur.

Before being the president who left his mark on the French collective memory, François Mitterand was above all else a man with an intensely novelistic life. It is Laure Adler’s aim to introduce us to this remarkable character in her investigative book, which strives to be as objective as it is non-judgmental. In order to better confront the complexity of the former president, she portrays a hundred “distinctive” days that forged his personality, portraying both personal trials and public conflicts. From his arrival in Paris in 1934 to the last moving moments of the Chief of State, this book–with the help of many unreleased interviews and documents–gives us a biographical, political, and psychological portrait of the first Leftist president of the Fifth Republic.

In French. Free and open to the public. No RSVP necessary.