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French Artist Alain Godon Debuts Matisse-Inspired Exhibition in the U.S.

Markowicz Fine Art will be celebrating the U.S. debut of internationally renowned French painter and sculptor Alain Godon’s new exhibition from November 20 through December 7. Godon’s exhibition, which is inspired by the late French artist Henri Matisse, will present original artwork from his collection created in collaboration with the Matisse Departmental Museum of Le Cateau-Cambrésis in France.

Godon’s distinguished exhibition, titled Matisse-Godon; New York-Tahiti: Architecture of Dreams, was previously on display at the Matisse Museum from October 2017 to March 2018. For the exhibition, Godon was invited by the Matisse Museum, which gave him a “white card,” to reinject life and offer a new perspective on the works of celebrated French artist, Henri Matisse. Godon was inspired by the importance of real and imaginary travels in Matisse’s work, including his trip in 1930 from New York to Tahiti, his excursion into a dream world and new cosmic spaces, and other travels in his artistic journey to create his new collection.

Free public cocktail reception at the gallery with artist Alain Godon on Thursday, December 6 from 7-10 pm.