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Gender and Capitalism in Twentieth-Century France and the United States

Gender relations and the workings of the capitalist economy have been deeply intertwined for centuries. But just how and why? And has the gendering of economic life varied among nations? In this panel discussion historians Sabine Effosse and Julia Ott will explore how men and women in France and the United States have grappled with the burdens and opportunities their national economies — and the ever-changing international capitalist order more broadly — brought them since the end of the nineteenth century. Herrick Chapman will moderate.

Sabine Effosse is a Professor of social and economic contemporary history at the Université Paris Nanterre and the author of Le crédit à la consommation en France, 1947-1965: De la stigmatisation à la réglementation (2014) and L’invention du logement aidé en France: L’immobilier au temps des Trente Glorieuses (2001).

Julia Ott is Associate Professor of History and Director of the Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies at The New School. She is the author of When Wall Street Met Main Street: The Quest for an Investors’ Democracy (2011).

Herrick Chapman is Associate Professor of History and French Studies at New York University and author of France’s Long Reconstruction: In Search of the Modern Republic (2018).