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Glockabelle – USA Tour

Glockabelle is Annabelle Cazes. She plays two Casio VL-Tones, a lyre-shaped glockenspiel with eight thimbles and sings in both French and English. Her eccentric sound stems from a combination of inspiration and circumstance. Born to Francophone parents, Cazes received an education both stateside and in France, creating the ability to sing in both French and English. After being introduced to the sound and styling of the Casio VL-Tones by a neighbor in Paris, Cazes began blending her classical piano techniques with modern synth-pop sounds resulting in beautiful mixture of rhythm and tone. She also developed a unique approach to playing the glockenspiel with eight sewing thimbles.



10/08 @ O+ Festival – Kingston, NY
10/14 @ Gold Sounds – Brooklyn, NY
10/15 @ The Loft – Somerville, MA
10/29 @ Park Church CoOp – Brooklyn, NY
11/13 @ Pioneer Works – Brooklyn, NY