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Hervé Koubi: What the Day Owes to the Night

Recognized as one of Europe’s most distinctive choreographers, French-Algerian choregrapher Hervé Koubi and his dance company make their Californian debut this spring with a series of performances in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Irvine.

The performance, entitled What the Day Owes to the Night represents the culmination of Hervé Koubi’s artistic search as a choreographer and of his interrogation on both his French and Algerian legacy. Perfectly interpreted by a cast of 12 street male dansers from France, Algeria and Burkina Faso, the performance combines capoeira, martial arts, and urban and contemporary dance in a stunning masterpiece which evokes the powerful imagery of Orientalist paintings and the stone filigree of Islamic architecture on sufi. Therefore, it presents itself as a unique mix of styles and genres, at the frontier between tradition and innovation, North African rhythms and European influences, contemporary and classical music.


Tuesday, April 18 – Granada Theater, Santa Barbara, CA
Wednesday, April 19 to Friday, April 21 – Master classes in Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, April 22 – the Barclay Theater, Irvine, CA