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Holiday Wine Fest

The 2016 Holiday Wine Fest will be held at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and features wine tasting, cider tasting, gourmet food, wine travel and destination vendors, wine & bar accessory vendors, and a host of home & elegant living products. Holiday Wine Fest will accommodate 100+ booths, food stations, decadent and delicious center buffet, video screens, and VIP lounges throughout the venue creating an intimate and convivial atmosphere designed to maximize exposure, heighten the senses and capture the flavor of the wine and cider regions from around the world. Holiday Wine Fest offers consumers, connoisseurs and vendors alike a chance for one-on-one tasting and engagement while providing a comfortable and enchanting setting unlike any other wine tasting in the Pacific Northwest.

The 2016 Holiday Wine Fest is poised to be the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most popular winery- to-consumer tasting exposition. This all-day Saturday and Sunday event features a world-class line-up of local, regional, national and international wines, ciders and more.