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Idiosyncratic Expressions

In Idiosyncratic Expressions, artists from around the world offer their personal transformative visions of the world. This group exhibition celebrates the magnification of colors, the extreme abstraction of shapes, the deceptiveness of depth, and the amazing flexibility of the human figure. Works on display include flattened, graphic landscapes; hallucinatory clouds of color, and sculpted group scenes that resonate with emotional potency. Each piece acts as a missive from another world – one in which the visual and physical realities are totally alien yet somehow recognizable to us. These artists have come up with new uses for the classic methods of surrealism, abstraction, and pure invention.

Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature the original work of Paris artist Rody in Idiosyncratic Expressions.

The paintings of Rodica Iliesco, known professionally as Rody, capture a romantic and dream-like vision of Paris during and right after the Belle Epoque. It is a city of love, light, and beauty, filled with artists and poets whose lifestyle is free, fun, and sparkling like champagne. Rody also loves to paint the grittier side of early 19th-century Paris, with loose women and men who gamble and go looking for a fight. She takes inspiration from old photographs of the city and her own imagination, wanting her work to serve as an escape from reality. In every composition, Rody adds a splash of red, to “wake up the eye” and give her paintings a sense of joy and boldness.

Rody was born in Romania, but grew up listening to her father’s stories of being an artist in 1920s Paris. When she finally traveled to Paris to study at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, she says she felt like she had come home. Rody is now an Honorary Citizen of the Montmartre Republic.