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In the Wake of La Marseillaise: Songs of Love, Loss, and Triumph From the Age of Emancipation

The fall of the Ancien Régime radically re-shuffled the social order throughout European capitals, ushering in a new era in inter-religious understanding and mass democratization. As the ghetto walls separating Jew from Gentile came tumbling down along with the unquestioning acceptance of clerical and royal authority, a newly ascendant bourgeois class demanded new compositions for the domestic sphere, with popular references and playable scores accessible to those with neither an aristocratic pedigree nor a piano.

Pascal Valois, French Canadian virtuoso on Early Romantic Guitar, joins soprano and Salon/Sanctuary Artistic Director Jessica Gould, playing an instrument constructed in 1821.

Songs for soprano and Early Romantic Guitar by Cimarosa, Crescentini, Doisy, Haydn, Domenico Puccini and Fernando Sor join jewel-like arrangements from the popular operas of the day by Rossini and Halévy, speaking of an age of liberation and a growing taste for Bel Canto singing.