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In Transit: Arts and Migration Around Europe

An exhibition about migration in and around Europe, In Transit introduces, through art, a new history and context to the ongoing global refugee crisis. The exhibition draws attention to the long, rich artistic engagement in two major zones of migration: Northern Europe, from the region around Calais, Flanders and the Low countries, and Southern Europe, from Islamic Spain to the African Maghreb. Viewers will discover early modern works of art alongside contemporary creations, many on view together for the first time.

Duke undergraduate students contributed to the exhibition through seminars taught by Professor Helen Solterer, Elvira Vilches and other members of the In Transit research group, Raquel Salvatella de Prada and Pedro Lasch. In Transit features two astrolabes from Adler Planetarium in Chicago, woodcuts by Cameroon-born artist Bartélémy Toguo and a large sculpture by French artist Annette Messager.