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Induction: Tauba Auerbach and Eliane Radigue

The first in a unique invitational format that explores artistic relationships and influences, Induction is a two-person exhibition that features new paintings, videos, and glass sculpture by New York based artist Tauba Auerbach (1981, San Francisco, CA) alongside an early sound installation by Paris-based composer Eliane Radigue (1932, Paris, France).

Auerbach’s work often probes systems of logic — mathematical, linguistic, and spatial — proposing ways to enhance their fluidity, or subvert them entirely. Most recently, her large-scale paintings and glass- and 3D-printed sculptures articulate the relationship between natural forms such as the wave, the vortex, and the helix, with planes of sight and human gesture. Eliane Radigue is a leading figure in experimental music and sound art known for her early experimentation with overlapping tape loops, microphone feedback, and modular synthesizers. Radigue’s work stands out for its deep engagement with Tibetan Buddhism and her commitment to the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer, which she used from the late 1960s to 2001, when she began composing primarily for acoustic instruments.