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Ionesco by the Santa Monica Playhouse

In their newly refurbished space, the Santa Monica Playhouse will present two of Ionesco’s plays: The Bald Soprano, Ionesco’s bizarrely humorous comedy of mishaps and manners, and The Lesson, a bizarre and darkly humorous indictment of language cum power cum bourgeois education. Performances are offered in both French and English.

With an examination of the absurdity of the human condition, this quote underlines common themes of Ionesco’s work: the mystery and multiplicity of daily existence, the link between the catastrophic and trivial and the ebb and flow of human foible and folly. Creating truth through fiction, Ionesco challenges us to look into his stories and see a reflection of our own lives. Relevant today to our multi-layered society, Ionesco’s linguistic degeneration demonstrates the comedy and tragedy of our failed attempts to communicate.