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Jane Evelyn Atwood: Paris Red Light

In 1975, American photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood was 28 years old and had recently moved to Paris. She quickly developed a fascination with the city’s prostitutes, and soon met a women who introduced her to a prostitute she knew. Developing the theme from portraits of this single sitter, Atwood discovered an intriguing subculture around one building on the Rue des Lombards, in the central Châtelet neighborhood of Paris, full of extraordinary characters, costumes and views on gender and sexuality.

Acclaimed in her adopted country, with five different exhibitions in 2019 alone, Atwood’s photographs have seldom been seen in the United States despite her being the first recipient of the W. Eugene Smith Fund Grant in 1980. This will be the first solo exhibition of her black and white prints in the U.S. since 2005 and will offer the opportunity to view the early work of this celebrated documentarian in depth.